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There is another side to Barbara Wurden with her Handy Goddess Web show where she teaches all sorts of home improvement and diy creative projects. It’s like she has her own diy network or diy channel when you tune into her show. You’ll learn while you laugh with the Handy Goddess sense of humor and her handy woman expert can-do attitude way of teaching. Watch the handy goddess do carpentry, plumbing, masonry, tile, crafts, and painting with her diy do-it-yourself handiwork womanly web show. Because the Handy Goddess loves home improvement she’ll take on any task from demolition to interior design. The handy goddess can build it from the ground up because first this handy woman will tear it down if she has to and then show you how to build it or construct it yourself. She’s not afraid of thing which you’ll see when you watch her build back yard oversize yard art. It’s where she builds a giant rabbit from the ground up. It’s like a carpentry class or construction class with a sense of humor. She knows how to handle her tools and is not afraid to use them so learn some tips from the Handy Goddess before you start your next project.

You’ll have Faux Fun when you watch and learn from these ten faux fun dvd titles with hours of faux painting instruction on how to do all types of faux painting and faux finishing techniques from sponge painting to rag painting and color washing wall glazing faux techniques and finishes such faux painted bricks, faux block paint finishes and textured faux red brick or blocks that will absolutely liven up your walls and literally fool your friends into believing its real. With Faux Fun you’ll also learn how to transform average furniture with easy faux painted furniture’s finishes and techniques you can do yourself. The Faux Fun instruction makes everything easy with Barbaras knowledgeable way of demonstrating how paint faux finishes for you to follow along. And just in case you really want to paint your walls to make them look as if it was wallpaper them for sure you’ll have to paint the faux finishes from the Faux Fun Diamond and stripe DVD that gives you step by step instruction on how to paint pattern faux finishes that will liven up your walls. You’ll also learn with Faux Fun how to paint wall textures and textures wall finishes. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with wall textures combined with faux painting. Barbara also has a Faux Fun DVD that teaches how to paint Venetian plaster and metallic paint techniques and finishes that will amaze you at how easy they are to learn when you watch the Faux Fun videos and learn the by having faux much fun.

Barbara Wurden also contracts decorative painting with her faux finishing business where she comes to your home and paints what ever type of faux finish you may desire on your walls. She’s like an interior designer with faux painting. You might want to experiment with having her paint a custom mural or tromp loil art creation on your walls. Her children’s murals are amazing or if you prefer to do it yourself then you might want to watch her faux painting dvd on how to paint fun finishes for your kids rooms walls. There is no limit to what you can do painting just let your imagination fly and let Barbara transform your home with paint.

Beyond Faux Fun, and teaching faux painting this artist also paints fine art canvases. You can commission her to paint a portrait of your self or family pet. She also paints beautiful botanical art works with bright colors on abstract canvas of flowers and botanical life. Her personal portraits are most often life size and painted with a sense of humor. Nude paintings and portraits are something you can have her paint also. She will paint anything on canvas from personal portraits to abstract flowers. With her portrait painting she will add elements into the painting that maybe only understood from the perspective of the person she is painting making it a truly original piece of art. You can commission any size canvas from a small intimate painting to life-size work of art. You can request any theme in your painting it’s all up to your imagination when you work with this artist.